BKD YARN Autumn Color Palette

BKD YARN Autumn Color Palette

I was inspired by nature around Berlin in autumn and had to acknowledge it with a color palette I originally developed for a new DK base, but you can order it on any base I offer, just write me a convo. I plunged into orange yellows, dark reds and moss greens, and added a bit of gray for that "autumn storms" feel. 

The nature around Berlin is pretty harsh and unfriendly moorish greenery with patches of woods and lakes. It is beautiful in a rough, uncultivated way and reminds me a lot of the famous Teutoburger Wald!I learned how to love it over the years, and am walking long weekend walks learning more and more every time about the history and geography of the region.

If you are into Netflix & knit, and a sucker for history, like me, binge Barbarians, about german tribes that stopped Romans from conquering the northern Europe.  Loved it!

BKD Yarn Autumn Palette

Autumn Palette Colorways: 


autumn gray, reminiscence of the late summer storm 

Ripe Plum 

violet shades of autumn


greenish moor landscape 

Beech Leaves in Autumn 

red beech leaves of deciduous forest 

Autumn Gold 

gorgeous yellows, browns and oranges of autumn


corn fields in Brandenburg 


Find it in my shop on DK Merino, or just write me a note if you'd like it fresh dyed on another base.

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