KOKON YARN Pink Ribbon Campaign

KOKON YARN Pink Ribbon Campaign

Every year my dear friend Michelle from Kokon Yarn invites several designers to support her Pink Ribbon Campaign. Michelle created a wonderful pink version of her Kokon Blue complimentary set - Kokon Pink, to support the cause. The yarn is dyed using a special method: the white version is speckled with beautiful fluorescent pink and the pink version is tie-dyed to leave spots of white.

All proceedings of your purchase of the Kokon Pink yarn will be donated to support the Breast Cancer Awareness Fond. The yarn is available in these selected shops, linked through their Instagram accounts :


My mom died of cancer in 2004. I was 25 and it took me a decade and more to understand and accept what happened. When hearing I am from the Balkans, people usually ask me how it is to be in a war. Well, war is nothing comparing to cancer! So, please do support this important cause, and check your breasts regularly. Let's stick around for a bit longer!

I didn't have a new design to join this year, but I remembered that there is a vest I knitted in Kokon Pink yarn still waiting for a pattern to be written 🙈. So here you go - my BKD Skater's Vest for Kokon Pink's Pink Ribbon Campaign!

BKD Yarn Dana Kikic

Every day is a good day to start something new - like skateboarding. See you around!


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