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BKD Pure Silk


BKD PURE SILK is a lustrous and soft yarn base beautiful for any summer project. You can hold it together with mohair silk to give it that sopecial halo or glow. Held double gives higher gauge and endless possibilities for fading, marling or stripes.

NEEDLES: Suggested 2.5 - 5mm needles, depending on the look you'd like to achieve. Basically, all yarn can be knitted on all needles. The choice is yours, but take time to check your gauge. This is essential.

COLORS: All colors are dyed by me in layers to give it shade and depth using a special method I developed in my home studio in Berlin. Each skein of haddyed yarn, in this case silk, is unique, it is hardly possible to replicate the process fully, even when established and repetitive. Therefore, I suggest to order bigger quantities from the same dye lot (listed skeins) or to contact me before ordering if you need bigger quantities for one project.

STABILITY: I am dyeing with professional colors that I mix to a certain ratio for a particular tone, fade or nuance in my studio. These colors are proven and stable over a longer period of time, even after washing. However, be aware that all colored garments, even the industrial ones, fade with time, so some changes are expected, depending on how you care for your garment and how often you wear it.

BLEEDING: I wash my yarn extensively to avoid bleeding, but stay aware it may bleed slightly after first washings until the color is fully exhausted.

CARE: I hand wash my knitted garments with a sprinkle of wool or silk washer. Generally, wool and silk do not require extensive washing as smell does not hold on to the fibre. Therefore it is enough to wash it as less as possible, once a year even, or less, and to air it after every wearing. Just place it on a balcony, in the garden or any place with natural air flow and let it air for a while. Please, be aware that silk has almost no memory, so do not stretch garments and accessories made of this fibre more than neccessary.


Content: 100% Mulberry Silk

Length: 400m Weight: 100 gr