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4-skeins hand-dyed yarn fade: INGRES. BKD Breeze: Kid Silk Lace, 420m in 50g. 200g or 1680m in total. BKD Yarn.


The yarn base is a soft, single-ply, kid mohair and silk mix, hand-dyed by me in Berlin, Germany. The yarn is dyed using a special grading method I developed in my studio. It has several layers of color that give depth and shade to your project. I combine two starting colors into a soft fade, then add extra color layering on top.

Yarn fade: INGRES. ( after Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres ) - blue and black shades combined with orange and green. Desaturated.

Knit held double on 3-3.5mm needles or use as a supporting thread to give your projects that special soft glow or halo. Also suitable for lace knitting held single.

4 x ( 420m in 50 gr ); 200g or 1860m in total

I always replicate my dyeing process, but, please allow for slight color variations due to the hand-dyeing process.

Colors may look slightly different on screen.

May bleed after the first washing. Hand wash in cold water.